I most recently managed Fulfillment for Gigster, where we aim to allow anyone in the world to build software, quickly and easily.

I previously worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft from 2010-2014. Until 2013 I worked on Windows Apps and APIs, moving to Hololens after that. I have also worked freelance as a web designer and Developer. Below is a bit more info on a few of the products and projects I have contributed to.

For my full work history, check out my LinkedIn or resume.

Product Management

Windows Contacts APIs

Contact APIs

I was the PM for the Windows Contact Picker, and API and UI control which allows apps to access the user’s address book information in a secure manner. This was awarded a patent in 2014. Here’s a nice write up in Ars Technica from when it was released in Windows 8 that has some more info as well. I continued work on the Contact APIs as one of the PMs who lead the design and development of the Contact Card in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft HoloLens


When working on Hololens, I worked on a cross-team collaborative effort to deliver holographic video as part of the native Windows rendering pipeline. I also created and tested UI prototypes in Unity3D to gain validated learning about designs and interaction patterns.

Windows Mail and People Apps

Windows Mail

Working on the Mail and People Apps, released in-box as part of Windows 8 and beyond, I was responsible for many features, including:

  • Smart-suggestions logic in Mail
  • EAS Contact Sync
  • Social-Network Push notifications
  • Localization
  • App performance
  • App Security

Other Work

The Paper Trail


The Paper Trail was an online, audio-visual art project I worked on in collaboration with Chicago’s The Papers. The Papers collected videos from all around the world via Kickstarter to go with their album, the Anyway EP. I worked with them to combine their music and the submitted videos to create an experience we’ve called a “traveling album”, where you can wander the world as you listen to their music. The site is no longer up, but you can view the designs here and contact me if you are curious to learn more and/or see a demo.